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Hello Visual Storytellers!

Yes, that means you!

We all have stories inside us, that we sometimes share with others and the world. I hope this encourages you to bring your storytelling perspectives and skills to your tech journeys!

Why Stories Matter

The American Writers Museum has this great article that answers the question in depth. For me, when I think about storytelling and it's value to tech, I focus on three things:

  • Stories are personal. They reflect individual journeys and perspectives, and that makes them unique to us. Every story matters personally.
  • Stories are universal. They create a means of communication that is inclusive to all ages, ethnicities, genders and more. Every story fosters connections.
  • Stories are transformative. They can resonate emotionally with listeners or readers, opening minds to new possibilities. Every story inspires change!

What is Visual Storytelling?

Visual storytelling is about enhancing storytelling with visual vocabularies and narratives that create a multi-sensory learning experience. Visual cues are known to improve comprehension, retention, and recall, of information. They provide subconscious hints and stimulate visual pathways that help us detect patterns and arrive at decisions quicker.

When I talk about visual storytelling on this site, I want to think about three things:

  • Visual Toolkits: Tools & processes to help visual communications.
  • Visual Patterns: Best practices and story templates suited to various contexts.
  • Visual Examples: Artwork and outcomes from my journeys.

In this I'm hugely inspired by Austin Kleon's Steal Like An Artist to "do good work and share it with people". I believe that, at its core, all creative content is derivative. And by learning from others, and sharing our own knowledge, we effectively diffuse knowledge faster.

About Me

My name is Nitya Narasimhan. I'm currently a Mobile / Cloud Advocate on the Developer Relations team at Microsoft. I'm also a lifelong learner and visual storyteller.

  • This site | follow my #SketchTheDocs and #VisualizeIT journeys.
  • | follow my Kotlin, Android & Mobile dev journeys.
  • | follow my Cloud Computing & Certification guide journey.