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About #VisualizeIT

Visualize IT! can be read two ways. First as visualize it, a call to action to "imagine" something. And second, as visualize IT where it becomes a call to action specific to IT (Information Technology) -- making this a call to action to sketch the tech.

Isn't it punny how that all worked out? 😁

At its core, #VisualizeIT is about building and using a visual vocabulary and storytelling tools to make complex tech concepts and processes easier to comprehend, retain and recall for learners of all levels. As a long-time sketchnoter and amateur artist, I also wanted to create more structure around the various things I was doing, in a way that could help the community. Here are a few things I'm exploring in context.

100: Workshop Series

❤ | My first project!

In November 2020, I worked with the Microsoft Reactor team and various members of the LetsSketchTech community to create a series of free, online workshops to jumpstart exploration of visual storytelling by technologists.

The series launched in December 2020. You can learn more about the series here or expand the section below for details, including links to past recordings and upcoming sessions.

Workshops Schedule: Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

VisualizeIT: The Series

Workshop Speaker Date/Video
Introduction to Procreate. This session will introduce you to the basics of Procreate, a drawing app for the Apple iPad. Kaitlin Gu Dec 05, 2020
Creative Journaling for Technologists Brittney Braxton Dec 12, 2020
SketchTheDocs & ChalkTheTalk Nitya Narasimhan 👋 Dec 19, 2020
Doodling For Technologists Denise Yu Jan 09, 2021
Using Visuals To Communicate Ideas Ashton Rodenhiser Jan 16, 2021
Sketch The Tech Marlena Compton Jan 23, 2021

200: Website Resources

❤ ❤ | My second project - yep, this site!

In mid-December 2020, I decided to launch this website in conjunction with my #VisualizeIT workshop session. It's a continuation of my journey to #SketchTheDocs and I plan to use this as a living resource with three objectives:

  • Publish my talks and workshops as open-source resources.
  • Share news, announcements and resources for visual storytelling.
  • Share the learnings and sketches from my own visual storytelling journey.
VisualizeIT Workshop: Dec 19

I'll start with materials for four 30-minute workshops that I hope to present at various online events, starting Dec 19.

  • Visual Toolkit: Quickstart review of tools & tips for sketchnoting
  • Sketch The Docs: Apply skills to create visual notes from technical docs
  • Chalk The Talk: Use skills to plan talks and scaffold out your slides
  • Scene The Zine: Learn to create 6-panel zines as "takeaway" gifts for attendees!

RSVP here to join me on Dec 19.

VisualizeIT: Tech Documentation to Public Speaking

300: CloudSkills Project

❤ ❤ ❤ | My next project, targeted for 2021.

Let's visualize cloud computing tech, one concept or module at a time! My goal here is to build a visual guide for anyone seeking tech certification. I'll start with the 6 basic Microsoft Fundamentals learning paths - keep an eye out for updates soon!

Cloud Skills: A Visual Guide

VisualizeIT: Cloud Skills Edition